Upgrading Chat AI (formerly LLM Service)

Chat AI (formerly LLM Service) now hosts a completely redesigned user interface with more functionality and many new features. You can now set the System Prompt for all of our internally hosted models, which gives unlimited control over the model’s responses.

Additionally, it is possible to save the chat history to your device and load from it later, to ensure that you don’t lose your work unexpectedly. We assure you that your data is never be stored on our servers, and will only be stored on your device if you explicitly request this.

The new interface is built upon a custom designed theme, inspired by the partnership between the GWDG and KISSKI, and includes a dark mode for our light-sensitive users. The language can be easily switched to German.

In addition to the new UI, Chat AI now offers an OpenAI-compatible API for select researchers on request. You can apply for API access via the Chat AI service webpage, accessible from the KISSKI service list.