UPDATE: Migration of the GWDG Project Management Service on Friday 2017/10/06 finished at 16:30

MessageID: 201710061636
Time: 06.10.2017
Affected: projects.gwdg.de

We have successfully migrated the data from the GWDG Project Management Service (projects.gwdg.de) and gone productive with the new system. The service is now available again at projects.gwdg.de.

The new system improves the GWDG Project Management Service and provides a more user-friendly interface. The workflow to manage projects and distribute tasks remains as usual. On your first login you will see a video with an overview of the new system.

Be aware that the URL for the Git repositories has changed within the new system. Please remember to update your local repositories, developer tools and continuous integration tools. More information can be found on the welcome page at projects.gwdg.de.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us! You can easily reach us through one of the ways listed at https://gwdg.de/support.