spam mailinglists

Meldungsnummer: 202012221329
Zeitraum: current
Betroffen: mailinglists from GWDG
Auswirkungen: regular spam emails

There are currently many subscription requests from spammers to the GWDG mailing lists. In most cases these are public lists that are displayed on the list server’s overview page.

We therefore recommend changing the settings as follows:

In subscription rules and address filters (privacy options) for “Advertise this list … (advertise this list. ..) set the switch to “no”. This means that the list is no longer displayed publicly. Right below, at “what steps are required for subscription”, set the checkbox to “confirmation and approval” (confirm and approve). This means that the spamer must first confirm the subscription request himself before it reaches the list administrator.

These measures should contain the spam volume for the time being.