Solved: Problems with external eduroam accounts

MessageID: 201709141330
Time: 14.09.2017
Affected: externe eduroam-Konten


2. Update 15:30:

Die Störung wurde behoben. Es gab scheinbar ungewollte Seiteneffekte
bei der Einführung einer neuen Funktionalität zwischen den eduroam

1. Update 13:44:

The login is only disturbed for users outside of institutions of the .de domain. Background is a problem with the european eduroam TLD-servers. Unfortunately we do not know the cause nor a timeline yet.

Guests in Göttingen can use GuestOnCampus with WiFi Sponsoring[1] for now, network administrators can create WLAN-Voucher[2] or request them at GWDG-Support.



There are currently problems with the use of external eduroam-accounts in the GÖNET. The problem is in the interaction with the servers of the DFN which we have no influence over. The colleagues at DFN are informed.

We will update this announcement as soon as we know more about when the disturbance will be solved.