Relaunch of the Academic Cloud Portal

New design

The relaunch of the Academic Cloud was published on June 13, 2024. We would like to thank all users who actively contributed to this with their feedback and are delighted to be able to present the result to you now!


Overviews, search and findability

The new user interface now offers the option of filtering services via the search function. In addition, each service is described in more detail and, after logging in, the services that the registered account can use are clearly displayed. The services that cannot be used are grayed out.


Single sign-on login

The single sign-on login to the Academic Cloud services also has a new look. However, the functionality and menu navigation in the login remain the same for you.


Documentation and further information

The Academic Cloud – one portal, one access, all services under one roof

The Academic Cloud is a portal that can be used by universities, higher education and research institutions in Lower Saxony, but also throughout Germany. If you do not yet have access to it or have general questions, please send your request to

The Academic Cloud contains numerous tools that are specially designed for collaboration in education and research and their requirements. The portal and all tools are hosted in university data centers in Lower Saxony in accordance with German data protection and data security guidelines. Your data is therefore secure and you have access to tools that support you in your academic work or studies with the following options:

• Virtual filing and storage options
• Creation of digital whiteboards
• Shared file editing, including LaTeX documents
• Simple creation and evaluation of surveys
• Save and publish research data
• Instant creation of short URLs
• Shared chat and virtual conference rooms
• Access to AI chatbot

Some services are subject to special license conditions. If you are interested in services for which you are not yet licensed, please send your request to