Malfunction: Problems setting up printers via gwd-winprint and gwdg-print3 Time: since September 2021

Message-Id: 202111041030
Time: since September 2021
Affected: Users of gwd-winprint and gwdg-print3
Impact: Connecting shared printers on gwd-winprint and gwdg-print3 causes problems on PCs that are not in AD.

Based on the PrintNightMare vulnerability, Microsoft has distributed several
updates in recent weeks to close the vulnerability. Unfortunately, this led
to several other issues related to printing over the network. To our
knowledge, printing via the print servers GWD-Winprint and GWDG-Print3 is
possible for systems within the Active Directory. Prerequisite is an updated
operating system.
Systems not running in Active Directory still have problems printing via the
mentioned print servers. Various workflows published on the Internet for
solving the problems are on the one hand associated with a reduction in
security and on the other hand are not equally helpful in all cases. We are
working at full speed to solve the problem.