New service “Rocket.Chat” in test phase

The GWDG now offers “Rocket.Chat” as a new service. Rocket.Chat is a messaging service with focus on communication in teams and groups. The GWDG is launching a central installation in a test phase where users can create channels for their groups or teams. The one-to-one communication is certainly possible as well. Key features include file sharing, a searchable history, embedded previews for links, images and videos, clients for all prevalent/major operating systems, also mobile devices, and the integration of bots for notifications from additional services like GitLab via API. Formatting of text, mentioning of other channel members – including e-mail notifications if the user isn‘t online, embedded replies and quotation are usability features that make Rocket.Chat easy to work with. A valid GWDG account is required to use Rocket.Chat. You can find more information in the GWDG News 5/2017.