New MPG instance and functions in Indico

The GWDG is continuously working to improve its services, taking particular account of customer requirements. For this reason, the “Event Management with Indico” service, which we have been offering our customers since September 20, 2021 under the URL, the following innovations have been introduced.

Payment of participant fees

We have added the two payment options PayPal and bank transfer, so that you can now also process the payment of participant fees via the software. You can activate this function in the advanced settings of your event. If the payment option PayPal was used, the participant fee will automatically be marked as paid when a payment is made.

Instance for the Max Planck Society

Due to high demand from the Max Planck Society, we are now providing a dedicated instance tailored to the Max Planck Society at In order for us to assist you in moving to this instance, you must first register there and create a profile. For specific questions about the new features as well as about the service in general, please feel free to contact us by e-mail to