Malfuntion: GWDG Pad

Message-Id: 201911271125
Time: 27.11.2019, since 11 o'clock
Affected: User of GWDG Pad
Impact: GWDG Pad not available

Since 11:30 am, the service GWDG Pad is fully available again and the
previous performance issues and short failures should not occur again.

Technical Details:
The reason for the issues between 11:00 to 11:30 am was a configuration
of the apache web server which could not deal with the increasing
workload of the service. An increase of the allowed maximum number of
worker threads allowed to solve this problem. For this, the variable
MaxClients of the mpm_worker_module was set to 300. From now on, the
workload of the worker threads will be monitored to prevent such
incidents in the future.