Malfunction: R-Studio-server, MASCOT-server, geneXplain, Galaxy and server gwdu100

Message-Id: 202010161000
Time: since 9:20 am
Affected: R-Studio-Server, MASCOT-server, geneXplain, Galaxy and server gwdu100
Impact: not available

Due to a malfunction in the file system uni08, all users whose home directory is in this file system have been unable to work on the machine gwdu100 and with the R-Studio web server since yesterday afternoon. The other users were not affected. To solve the problem, the machines gwdu100 and gwdu099 had to be booted this morning around 9.20 am. Since this time the following services are therefore currently not available:
R-studio server, MASCOT-Server, geneXplain, Galaxy and the server gwdu100 in direct dialog mode. As soon as the systems are available again we will inform you here. We apologize for any inconvenience.