Malfunction: Power Outages (2nd Update)

Message No.: 2016098200030
Time: Aug 20th, 2016 – since about 0:30 a.m.
Affected: Miscellaneous systems
Impact: Malfunctions caused by power outages partially solved

We still face some of the problems caused by the power outage and we are still trying to fix this problem. Meanwhile the print service of the GWDG and the media server of the university are working again, since we were able to start two server couples. A defective storage system was removed from the configuration and we are now trying to get the storage virtualization working again. We expect the file service to be working again at 3 p.m. the earliest, as long as no other problems occur.

The following systems are currently affected:

  • Unix and Windows group drives and home directories
  • SAN LUNs provided for server of the University and the SUB
  • GWDG Cloud
  • FTP Server
  • about 200 of over 1000 virtual web sites


We will keep you updated about this issue.

[Update 12:05 p.m.]
The FTP Server on was restored.

[Update 1:15 p.m.]
The virtual web sites are available again.