Malfunction: Color printer Canon irADV 5250

Message-Id: 201605261249
Time: 26.05.2016 – 30.06.2016
Affected: Printer queues zclp3d25, zclp3l25, zclp3s25, zclp4d25, zclp4l25, zclp4s25, zmlp3d25, zmlp3l25, zmlp3s25, zmlp4d25, zmlp4l25 and zmlp4s25
Impact: Printing on the queues named above not possible

The printer Canon irADV 5250 is out of service expected to 30.06.2016 due to hardware malfunction. Therefore the printer queues mentioned above will stay closed. Print jobs that are sent to one of these queues will be kept until the printer is repaired. Print jobs that are sent to queues like zclp4d will be forwarded to zclp4d81 (the black Kyocera FS-C8100DN printer) automatically.

We apologize for any inconvenience.