Maintenance: Upgrade of the GWDG Cloud Server service on 05.09 at 5pm

Message-Id: 201908311826
Time: 05.09.2019 at 5pm
Affected: GWDG Cloud Server service user
Impact: Servers can not be managed. Running servers are unaffected and still reachable.

On Thursday 05.09.2019 maintenance work on the GWDG Cloud Server Service will be carried out within the maintenance window from 5pm until 7pm. The management of the GWDG Cloud Server service will not be available or only partially.

This maintenance is necessary to upgrade the GWDG Cloud Server service.

The availability of the running virtual machines is not affected. Only during the restart of the management services no new VMs can be started or changes made to existing VMs (allocation of floating IPs, stopping, deleting, creation of snapshots, etc.).

There is a low risk that Virtual Machines without Floating IPs (public IPs) will lose their network for a few seconds to a few minutes.

We recommend observing the GWDG operating messages during maintenance work. We will inform you about the status of the maintenance work.