Maintenance: Upgrade of StorNext Fileservice

Message-Id: 201611181157
Time: 11/24/2016 5 p.m. - 11/25/2016 approx. 7 a.m.
Affected: WFS-Network-Devices , Archive-Service, GDZ-Worker (SUB), Bioinfo, Crashplan
Impact: File Service not accessable

GWDG provides the central file service using the global file system StorNext. In order to enhance stability and performance the StorNext environment is to be upgraded to the latest version SN 5.3. Due to the complexity of the environment the upgrade has to be performed step by step. In the past month many systems have already been upgraded successfully.
On Thursday, November 24th 2016 there will be a further large upgrade step. New hardware and software components will be installed, therefore the down time
is scheduled until Friday morning.

Affected are services that use the HSM-(Hiracical Storage Management) component. The following services will not be available:

– Archive Service
– GDZ Worker (SUB)
– File-Sevice BIOINFO
– Crashplan
– Windows Network Devices: