Maintenance: Transfer of services on the NetApp MetroCluster to the SUB location

Message-Id: 201706261554
Time: 26.06.2017, from 18:00 pm
Affected: Student home directories, ESX storage at the SUB site
Impact: None, but CIFS shares related to the student home directories may have to reconnected if necessary

As a result of the maintenance work on the power supply in the GWDG machine room at the SUB site, which was necessary due to the power failure on Sunday, a short power failure occurred at 10:07 am this morning at the components of the NetApp MetroCluster storage system. This triggered an automatic transfer of all services running there, such as the student home directories and the storage for the GWDG ESX environment, to the GWDG site. This failover was problem-free and, as far as we can tell, transparent to the users.

Today, around 6:00 pm, the transfer of the corresponding services back to the SUB location will take place, in order to restore the redundancy of the entire system. We do not expect any problems to occur and assume that the transfer will be as transparent as the failover this morning. If necessary, CIFS shares must be reconnected (this applies only to the student home directories).