Maintenance: Fileservice on 09.01.2020

Message-Id: 202001061250
Time: 23.05.2019 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Affected: UNIX-HOME Directories (GWDG, UNI, MPG), Windows-HOME Directories (GWDG, MPG), Archive-Service, GDZ-Worker SUB, File-Sevice BIOINFO, Crashplan, Textgrid, THOME, special services (ENI (HSM), MBPC, MPAE, SUB_NLH, UPRP)
Impact: none

On Thursday, January 09th 2020 the fileservice will be maintained.

As an online update the maintenance work can be performed without a down time.

Affected are the following services:
– UNIX-HOME Verzeichnisse (GWDG, UNI, MPG)
– Windows-HOME Verzeichnisse (GWDG, MPG)
– Archiv-Service
– GDZ-Worker der SUB
– File-Sevice BIOINFO
– Crashplan
– Textgrid
– Spezialanwendungen (ENI-HSM, MBPC, MPAE, SUB_NLH, UPRP).