Maintenance completed: GWDG ownCloud

Message-Id: 201702081456
Time: 18.02.2017, 09:00 – 19.02.2017, 08:30
Affected: GWDG ownCloud users
Impact: GWDG ownCloud available again

Since Sunday 19th, 08:30 the service GWDG ownCloud ( is available again after an extension to the planned update maintenance. The update took only two hours in previous tests, in production it took considerably longer than expected. Unfortunately skipping this was not an option as the migration was unavoidable.

Besides a long list of improvements in stability and security there are also new features:
* Application/device passwords can be created and revoked
* List of connected browsers and devices on the personal page
* Sessions can be invalidated on the personal page

The complete list of changes can be found on