Maintenance: Cloud Server

Message-Id: 202208261100
Time: 2022/09/22, 5:00 p.m.
Affected: Users of the GWDG Cloud Server service
Impact: Unused public (floating) IPs are removed from the projects

Dear users of the GWDG Cloud Server service,
due to the increased demand for the GWDG Cloud Server service it is necessary to adjust the way we issue public (floating) IPs (FIPs).
Note: FIPs start with 141.5.
In the past, we immediately allocated 3 FIPs to all projects. In the future, we will only specify the number of FIPs that may be used, but will not allocate them.
In the future, you must first allocate new FIPs to your project ( or Openstack API) before you can use them. You can find instructions at
On Thursday, 22.09.2022 we will remove all unused FIPs from existing projects. FIPs that are associated to a server are NOT affected. Also, the number of FIPs you can use in your project will NOT change.
If you would like to keep FIPs that are not currently assigned to a server, please report them back to beforehand.
Your GWDG Cloud Server Team