Maintenance: completed – Display problems due to caching

Message-Id: 202109161941
Time: september 19th 2021, since 7 pm
Affected: all users of
Impact: Display problems due to caching


The maintenance of Rocket.Chat has been completed.

Due to an error during the process, an unconfigured service web page was briefly displayed.
service web page was displayed that did not allow logins and contained the default Rocket.Chat logo. Although the condition lasted only briefly, browsers and clients of users who were online during the maintenance may have cached portions of the web page. This may result in the website logo being displayed incorrectly or user names in the service being displayed only as user IDs instead of first and last names.
The caches of browsers and clients do not normally hold this content indefinitely, but currently they do not. Indefinitely, but currently it is not known how long the storage and thus the impact would last. Even though there are no known or expected functional functional limitations, affected users can resolve this condition in the short term by following the steps described below.

In the Rocket.Chat client: Remove the entry of the server “GWDG Rocket.Chat” and add it again.

In the Chrome browser: Open the settings, on the left side “Privacy and Security”, in the middle go to “Cookies and other website data”, there further below “Show all cookies and website data” and in the top right search box look for “” in the search field. An entry is displayed, delete it by clicking the delete icon next to it. to remove it.

In the Firefox browser: Similar to Chrome, open the stored website data in the
Settings via “Privacy & Security”, then “Cookies and Website Data” and “Manage Data” and “Manage data”. Search for the entry for “” there and delete it.