Information: Zoom meeting security

Message-Id: 202012231015
Time: 23.12.2020
Affected: all zoom user
Impact: Zoom meeting security

Currently, Zoom users often receive emails with the subject: Your Zoom meeting is at risk.
The issue here is that security features have not been enabled in a scheduled Zoom meeting.
So it is possible for anyone to simply join your meeting.
This means you could be disrupted or sensitive data could be inadvertently shared with unauthorized third parties.
To prevent this, please follow these instructions:

  • Remove or report the public post on social media (Twitter, Facebook, …) with links of zoom meetings.
  • Delete the existing meetings and create new ones with the following security settings:
  • Meeting ID code instead of invitation link ✓
  • Waiting room ✓
  • Registration required ✓
  • Send the new meeting information only to people you want they to attend. Keep in mind to set up your upcoming meetings and meeting series with these security settings.