Information: Restricting of UNIX-Mail service “” or “” for general user operation

Message-Id: 201512120900
Time: 16.12.2015, 9:00 am
Affected: Users of UNIX-Mail servers “” or “” (not Exchange!)
Impact: Gradual limitation of Sending E-mails

Sending of e-mails through UNIX-Mail server “” or “” for general user operations will be gradually limited. In the future, this SMTP-service will be exclusively available only for the registered users.

The Exchange service users are not affected with these changes, unless someone have explicitly configured his SMTP Outgoing-server to “” or “”.

Accordingly, the users who had configured their Outgoing SMTP-server to use UNIX-Mail servers in the past, they should change their configurations to use the Exchange server „ instead. For more information, please see this manual: Link

The restriction will occur as the following:

16.12.2015 – non-authenticated SMTP-connections (Port 25) from the Goettinger WLAN-subnet

01.02.2016 – non-authenticated SMTP-connections (Port 25) from the Goettinger VPN-subnet

01.03.2016 – complete shutdown including authenticated SMTP-connections (Port 25 and 587) for all non-registered users

System-Administrators who want to use UNIX-Mail servers “” or “” as Outgoing SMTP-server, they can request allowance of the service.