Information: Replacing the GWDG Compute Cloud self-services on

Meldungsnummer: 202204041237
Zeitraum: 2022/04/28, 5:00 p.m.
Betroffen: users of the GWDG Cloud Server service
Auswirkungen: old self-service portlet via no longer available

Dear users of the GWDG Cloud Server service,

in the process of further development and extension of the GWDG Cloud Server service, the old self-service dashboard at will be shut down on 28.04.2022 and replaced by the much more powerful dashboard at This will not affect the availability of the VMs.

If you are already using the new dashboard (“Horizon”), nothing will change for you! Otherwise, you can use the new dashboard at any time with the following login details:

Domain: gwdg
User: <your email>
Password: <your password>

For a quickstart, we have provided a short documentation of the most important functionalities at! Since the new dashboard is based on a native component of the cloud management framework we use, OpenStack, the following very detailed guide is also available:
The new dashboard offers many new and interesting functionalities, especially in the areas of network and mass storage (“volumes”) and will allow us in the future to make new capabilities of our cloud platform available to you much faster than before!
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (!