Information: Problems with BigBlueButton using iOS 15 and planned changes

Message-Id: 202109231324
Time: known since September 23, 2021
Affected: iOS 15 users with BBB
Impact: Audio and Connectivity issues

The recently released update of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices (iOS 15) is causing audio and connectivity issues for browser-based video conferencing or telephony systems (including BigBlueButton). Other operating systems are not affected.
BigBlueButton provides a patch that at least partially works around these issues. We will roll out and test this patch on our servers in the next few days.
Until then, we do not recommend a premature update to iOS 15.

In the course of this update, we will be adding the newly introduced tones for the
mute or un-mute the microphone again and also the new display of the names in shared notes.
This is in response to feedback from our users.