Information: no printing at Faßberg for an indefinite period of time

Message-Id: 202010131133
Time: 13.10.2020
Affected: All users who want to print at the GWDG am Faßberg
Impact: No print jobs are processed.

On this occasion we would like to point out again that the user area of the GWDG at the Faßberg is closed due to corona measures. Because print
jobs cannot be picked up, all printer queues at the Faßberg have been
closed. This concerns the following queues:

color, farbe, poster, standard,
zcip4s61 zcip4s62 zcipls61 zcipls62 zclp3d zclp3d25 zclp3d81 zclp3l
zclp3l25 zclp3l81 zclp3s zclp3s25 zclp3s81 zclp4d zclp4d25 zclp4d81
zclp4l zclp4l25 zclp4l81 zclp4s zclp4s25 zclp4s81 zmlp3d zmlp3d25
zmlp3d81 zmlp3d9e zmlp3l zmlp3l25 zmlp3l81 zmlp3l9e zmlp3s zmlp3s25
zmlp3s81 zmlp3s9e zmlp4d zmlp4d25 zmlp4d81 zmlp4d9e zmlp4l zmlp4l25
zmlp4l81 zmlp4l9e zmlp4s zmlp4s25 zmlp4s81 zmlp4s9e

Please use our external printer locations for printing:

We apologize for any inconvinience.