[Update] Information: New load-balancer for Exchange

Message-Id: 201908190917
Time: Aug. 25th, 9am
Affected: users of Exchange
Impact: short interruption of connections

On next Sunday, August 25th, 2019, a new, high-performance load
balancer for the GWDG Exchange service will be put into operation from
9 a.m. onwards. The aim is to reduce observed delays in mailbox access;
the previous load balancers could be identified as a weak point.

The commissioning will cause a short interruption of the mail service
of a few minutes.

If unexpectedly serious problems occur despite extensive testing, a
switch back to the old configuration can and must be made afterwards,
which can cause another short interruption.

A loss of e-mail is not to be feared, but delays in delivery can occur.

[Update: Aug 25th, 9:30am] The dns record of email.gwdg.de was successfully changed.