Information: Enhanced Spam- and Virus Filtering

Message-Id: 201512121500
Time: 15.12.2015, 3:00 p.m.
Affected: Users of Spam- and Virus Filter Services, specially users with e-mail addresses “”
Impact: Enhanced Spam- and Virus Filtering

To improve Spam- and Virus Filtering Services, new filtering instances have been set up by GWDG and DFN. All blacklisted senders are rejected by all instances. Otherwise, a spam score of the incoming e-mail is calculated. The score is added to the e-mail header and If it is above 6.2 points the e-mail is marked as spam. The default instance (low sharpness filter) will deliver marked spam-mail also. At this time, the new instances reject e-mail with spam score above 10 points (medium sharpness) or above 7 points (strong filter). The fourth instance is similar to the strong filter with an additional filtering based on attachment file type.

The sharpness of the filter can be chosen domain-based. Since today the medium filter has been enabled for all the users with e-mail addresse “”.