Information: GWDG Cloud Share: Merging of accounts with multiple e-mail addresses

Message-Id: 201601041355
Time: 04.01.2016, 1:55 p.m.
Affected: Users of “GWDG Cloud Share” with an Identity Management account
Impact: Merging of user accounts

From this week’s Wednesday on accounts with multiple e-mail addresses that hold several individual accounts in the service “GWDG Cloud Share” will have their accounts merge automatically with the next login.

This affects users who use an account of our Identity Management (LDAP accounts) and that created different, individual accounts in “GWDG Cloud Share” for their various e-mail aliases.

Merging means that ownership and membership of all folders of the affected accounts get transferred to one single account as well as all future invites send to any of these emails. The highest quota of all accounts will become the current quota. Should this not be sufficient users can raise their quota in the GWDG user portal after logging in or contact support at

Login with any of the user’s e-mail addresses will be directed to this single account as per last change to logins in December.