Information: Access rights for new files on

Message-Id: 202109021258
Time: from 07/28/2021 to 09/02/2021
Affected: Users of
Impact: Incorrect access rights for files and directories

Due to NFS protocol problems, new files and folders have been created in the HOME directories on with more extensive POSIX access rights. Unfortunately, the exact start of the problem is unknown. As a precaution, please check all files and directories that have been newly created since the end of July and correct the rights as required.

The cause of the problem has been eliminated since around 11:30 a.m. today (09/02/2021) and only affected

The following commands help to find the affected files and directories:

find $HOME/ -type d -mtime -40 -perm 777 -print
find $HOME/ -type f -mtime -40 -perm 666 -print

The following commands can be used to automatically set standard rights again, if desired:

find $HOME/ -type f -mtime -40 -perm 666 -exec chmod go-rwx {} \;
find $HOME/ -type d -mtime -40 -perm 777 -exec chmod go-rwx {} \;