Information: GWDG Gitlab Migration to Community Edition

Message-Id: 202203221514
Time: April 2nd 2022
Affected: Gitlab
Impact: Reduced Gitlab features

Dear users of our Gitlab service,

we are glad to see the steadily increasing number of users of GWDG
Gitlab. From the extensive positive feedback we count Gitlab as a
successful service, which is becoming more and more part of the work of
many. In addition, it was possible for us to provide the service Gitlab
available outside the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society
for all universities in Lower Saxony in the context of the Academic

In recent years, we have been able to take advantage of an Academic
Cloud license negotiated as part of the Academic Cloud and thus offer
the full range of feature of Gitlab. Unfortunately, this is no longer
possible due to a change in Gitlab’s licensing situation. Therefore we
are forced to adapt our license to the current circumstances and to
switch to the Community Edition (CE) for the time being. The switch to
the Community Edition will take place on April 2nd 2022. For useage in
the context of teaching, we will offer an additional Gitlab instance
with all features throughout the Academic Cloud. Furthermore, we also
offer hosting of an Ultimate or Premium instance given the required
licences are provided to us. In case of interest, please contact us via
our support address

The changeover and the associated transition to the limited feature set
will lead to a short interruption and will reduce the Gitlab features to
those that are covered by the community license. We therefore encourage
you to check which features you are using for your projects will be
dropped for your projects. An overview of the feature catalog can be
found at [1]. Particularly noteworthy, however, are the functionalities
like Epic Boards, Roadmaps, Merge Request Approvals, Repository
Mirroring, Instance/Group Templates, Group Wikis, CI/CD Pipelines
Dashboard, and Merge Request Dependencies. Part of these functions can
be covered by our project management service
“”. Of course you can continue to use
Gitlab after the conversion in the the functionality of the Community

We greatly apologize for the short notice of this maintenance.

In case of any uncertainties or questions or if you need general help to
prepare for the changeover, please feel free to contact us at

Your GWDG Gitlab-Team