GWDG Cloud Share: Discontinuation of the service beginning in March 2018

The file synchronization service GWDG Cloud Share will be discontinued step-by-step beginning March 2018.

Why is the service being discontinued?

GWDG provides a file synchronization service as part of GWDG ownCloud to its users. Because GWDG ownCloud fulfills the same requirements as GWDG Cloud Share the existing service will be merged into GWDG ownCloud in an effort to streamline operations and improve user support.

How long can GWDG Cloud Share still be used normally?
  • GWDG Cloud Share can be used normally until the end of April 2018. Quota increases are no longer available.
  • From May 2018 on new and invited users who register with the service do not receive any quota anymore. For these users no new folders can be created but they can work with the data in folders of other users. For users registered prior to this date nothing changes.
  • Beginning in August 2018 all users will have their quota removed. From this point onwards data can no longer be changed or uploaded into the service. Existing data can still be downloaded via the website or client.
  • At the end of 2018 the servers of this service will be shut off.
What happens with your data in GWDG Cloud Share?

Access to your data is possible until the very end in 2018. Working with your data and folders is possible until August 2018. After shutting down the servers all data will be deleted.

Can folders and data be moved to GWDG ownCloud?

Until May 2018 a website will be made available through which users can start a transfer of their folders and data to GWDG ownCloud.