Decommissioning of Cryptpad (

Message-Id: 201908081215
Time: from October 1st 2019
Affected: users of cryptpad
Impact: deactivation of the service

Dear users of GWDG Cryptpad,

unfortunately, we have to announce that we decided not to continue to provide the service GWDG Cryptpad due to several reasons:

  • bad possibilities to support our customers in case of issues
  • expensive maintenance
  • missing connection to the central user management
  • necessity of an additional user account

Therefore, we will shut down the server on October 1, 2019. Due to the encryption of the server we cannot migrate its data. We kindly ask you to save all your CryptPad data to some other storage until the end of  September. As an alternative to CryptPad, we introduced the service GWDG Pad/CodiMD ( [1] which fits our requirements for a collaborative editor better and also provides many useful features. Owncloud [2] with Only Office might also be a suitable option for storage.

We ask all Cryptpad users’ understanding for this decision.