Changes to Chat AI Model Availability

Since its launch in February 2024, Chat AI has provided Academic Cloud users with access to state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs), including open source models hosted on GWDG/KISSKI infrastructure and external models like GPT-4. As the service has grown in popularity across Germany, we’ve added new models and features to meet the increasing demand.

While we are happy to allocate more resources from our own infrastructure to ensure continued access to our open source models, our budget for external services is limited. As a result, we will only be able to continue offering external (OpenAI) models to users based in Lower Saxony and members of all Max Planck Institutes in Germany.

For users outside of Lower Saxony who are not affiliated with a Max Planck Institute, please note that we will no longer provide access to the “OpenAI GPT-3.5” and “OpenAI GPT-4” models starting May 24, 2024. Our open source models will remain available for your use. If you are interested to continue using the OpenAI models, your institution and the GWDG can sign a usage contract – we will pass through the costs of the OpenAI models with low overhead. This change will not affect our users based in Lower Saxony and members of Max Planck Institutes – for the forseable future, you can keep using the OpenAI models.

Regardless, our open source models such as Llama3 will remain available to you free of charge! These models also achieve very good performance and are supported by the KISSKI AI Service Center project.

We are committed to continuously improving our service and ensuring it benefits all our users. Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your continued support.