Attention! New wave of emotet attacks

Message-Id: 202111171300
Time: Wednesday 17th Nov. 2021
Affected: All users
Impact: Danger of Emotet infection

We are currently witnessing an increasing number in attempts of infecting devices with the Emotet malware. The malware is extremely dangerous, since the perpetrators behind Emotet not only try to infect single devices, but to infiltrate entire networks from one infected device.For example, the IT of the University of Gießen went offline for several weeks after an Emotet attack in December 2019! The attack is launched through E-mails, containing links leading to the malware or a direct attachment which carries the malware. To prevent infections, a reminder of the basic rules of safe E-mail interaction:

– Only click on links, if you are sure that they are safe!

– Only open attachments, if you are sure they are safe!

On top of that, the BSI recommends to deactivate unsafe macros in Microsoft Office. You can find instructions under:

An aid to determine the dangerousness can be found on the websites of the GWDG under
General remarks on E-mail security can be found under
Less IT-say people should contact more experienced personnel or the IT-support of the IT-provider (GWDG, G3-7, Abteilung IT und local IT groups).