GWDG availability during Easter
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Message-Id: 202004090830
Time: 10.04.2020 till 14.04.2020
Affected: all users
Impact: see below

From Good Friday, 10.04., to Easter Monday, 13.04.2020, the service Hotline of GWDG will not available. If you would like to contact GWDG during this time period, please [...]

Maintenance: gwdu099 and gwdu100
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Message-Id: 202004090930
Time: 16.04.2020 from 5pm
Affected: see below
Impact: listed services not available

Due to urgent maintenance work, the compute servers gwdu099 and gwdu100 must be shut down on Thursday (2020/16/04) starting at 5 pm. Both machines will only [...]

Update Information: Zoom Login
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Message-Id: 202004081625
Time: 08.04.2020
Affected: Zoomnutzer mit E-Mail Adressen oder
Impact: geänderte Anmeldung in Zoom

The technical preparation for a Zoom Campus licence caused a change of the login into Zoom.
Please follow our instruction to activate your [...]

Information: Zoom Login
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202004081050
Time: 08.04.2020
Affected: user of Zoom with e-Mail address which ends with or
Impact: changed login for Zoom

The login has changed due to a change in the configuration in Zoom if users are trying to [...]

Failure: R-Studio-Server
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Message-Id: 202004021330
Time: 1:30pm
Affected: R-Studio-Server
Impact: failure

On the gwdu100 (R-Studio-Server) the file system UNI08 has failed, so all users whose home directory is located in this file system can neither use the gwdu100 nor the R-Studio-Server.
We are [...]