Overview on TSM servers

new TSM servers

TCPPort and TCPServername follow this pattern:

TCPPort          = 2000 + <server number>
TCPServeraddress = tsm<server number>.tsm.gwdg.de
server number TCPPort TCPServeraddress Utilization
101 GWDG-internal (TSM-LibraryManager)
201 GWDG-internal (TSM-LibraryManager)
110 GWDG-internal (StorNext-Backup, HPC filesystems)
111 GWDG-internal (StorNext-Backup, Windows filesystems)
112 GWDG-internal (StorNext-Backup, other Linux filesystems)
180 GWDG-internal (StorNext-Backup, MPI-BPC filesystems)
182 2182 tsm182.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: SUB incl. StorNext-Backup
184 internal (StorNext-Backup, MPI EM filesystems)
130 2130 tsm130.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients outside GöNET
131 2131 tsm131.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: Uni without UMG and central administration
230 2230 tsm230.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: Max-Planck general administration
231 2231 tsm231.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: Göttingen MPI
232 2232 tsm232.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: UMG, university central administration
233 2233 tsm233.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: GWDG internal servers
234 2234 tsm234.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: Max-Planck Digital Library incl. ALEPH
235 3135 tsm235.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside GöNET: Uni without UMG and central administration
236 3136 tsm236.tsm.gwdg.de TSM-Clients inside HLRN

Server, without TCPP and TCPS given are not reachable for clients.

old TSM servers

The old servers are all out-of service since December 2016!