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 ====== VPN ====== ====== VPN ======
-The VPN or Virtual Private Network ​can be used to securely connect ​to the GÖNET  ​from the internet ​and the goemobile network.+GWDG'​s ​VPN  can be used by students and other associates of Göttingen Campus ​to securely connect from the internet ​into GÖNET without being on the campus physically.
-The VPN connection will work over nearly ​all networks ​(DSL, ISDN, GSM etc.but some access providers may block VPN connections. +When the VPN is activated, ​all (IPv4data connections ​are transmitted via GÖNET. For most services that you are connected to, this will seem as if your requests have their origin in the University network / network of GWDG
-With the VPN it is possible ​to use resources ​which otherwise ​are only available ​from inside the GÖNET + 
-however it is not possible ​to access restricted journal via a VPN connection.+Using the VPN enables you to access ​resources ​that are accessible ​from GÖNET ​only. This includes [[https://​www.sub.uni-goettingen.de/​digitale-bibliothek/​e-medien/​|emedia at SUB]] as well as your [[en:​services:​storage_services:​file_service:​fileservice_ad:​personal_drive|Personal Drive]]. ​ 
 +<WRAP center round important 100%> 
 +Due to the current load in VPN, two more servers were set up in addition to vpn.gwdg.de: **vpn-b.gwdg.de** and **vpn-c.gwdg.de**. We recommend using one of them. This is **only possible with the AnyConnect method**, not the client included in macOS or Linux'​s vpnc program. 
 {{url>​https://​status.gwdg.de/​vpn 600px  noscroll noborder }} {{url>​https://​status.gwdg.de/​vpn 600px  noscroll noborder }}
 ===== Installation ==== ===== Installation ====
-The connection ​to the vpn can either ​be established ​using the Platform ​independent AnyConnect-Client or using  +The VPN connection can be established ​with the platform-independent ​//​Cisco ​AnyConnect// client, which is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, [[https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​cisco-anyconnect/​jacdijibdjifphcecdielmekkmfdpgee|ChromeOS]],​ Android and [[https://​apps.apple.com/​us/​app/​cisco-anyconnect/​id1135064690|iOS]]
-operating system specific configurationsThe operating system specific configurations provide better integration like automatic connection to the VPN if the GoeMobile network is connected+ 
-For Windows only the AnyConnect client is available.+However, when using Linux, we encourage you to use OpenConnect instead.
-[[AnyConnect |Cisco AnyConnect ​for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X ]]+[[AnyConnect |Cisco AnyConnect ​(Windows]]
-[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_network:​mac_vpn | Mac OS X]]+[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_network:​mac_vpn | Cisco AnyConnect (macOS)]]
-[[Linux|Linux (Ubuntu ​18.04)]]+[[Linux|OpenConnect ​(Linux, ​Ubuntu)]]
-[[Android|Android]]+[[Android|Cisco AnyConnect (Android)]]