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 +====== System Monitoring ======
 +===== Multi-tenant System Monitoring at the GWDG===== ​
 +GWDG employs for several years openITCockpit for centralized multi-tenant system monitoring. The system management solution openITCockpit offered by it-novum GmbH is based on the open source project Nagios and offers customers a way to monitor own systems within the central monitoring system. To this end corresponding mandators are provided. ​
 +Compared to ordinary Nagios solution openITCockpit has many advantages that make it notably easier to work with the monitoring system. Configurations are performed through an intuitive web interface, many application scenarios are already pre-installed,​ whereby the system requirements and administrator needs are taken into account.
 +For questions regarding multi-tenant system monitoring please contact our service hotline (e-mail: <​support@gwdg.de>;​ phone: +49 551 201-1523).