eduroam with Windows Mobile

In order to successfully configure and utilise the eduroam network, pre-installing the Telekom top level certificate (“Deutsche Telekom Root CA2”) on your smart phone is necessary. An effective and quick way to install this certificate on your Windows smart phone is calling up the certificate file via the standard web browser. Use your browser to access the certificate from the following website:


Call up the menu item Settings. Select WLAN (Wi-Fi). Ensure that the WLAN (Wi-Fi) adapter of your Windows phone is activated and select eduroam from the list of available networks.

User details

Now type in your username according to the following table. and the corresponding password. Set the remaining parameters as shown in the following screenshot.

Confirm your entries by clicking on the Finished button. The following dialog should then be displayed:

If the certificate details match those in the screenshot, click Accept. If the information does not match, please contact If at any time you are asked to confirm the certificate again, compare the information again with that on this website and contact GWDG support if necessary.

Unfortunately, the external identity “” required for eduroam access cannot be set up on Windows Mobile devices. Please contact so that you can access eduroam for your Windows Mobile device via our user administration even if you do not have an external identity.

After successful configuration, you will be automatically connected to the eduroam network.