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eduroam mit Android

If you change your password for your GWDG account after setting up the eduroam profile, the password must also be changed on your Android device. Otherwise the network connection cannot be established.

Setting up the eduroam WLAN with the CAT tool

The configuration wizard (CAT app) is required to ensure secure configuration. This can be obtained from the Google PlayStore. Please pay attention to the provider information “GÉANT Association”. Alternatively, you can download APK directly from DFN.

After you have installed the “eduroamCAT App”, open the app and select the eduroam profile for the University of Göttingen and GWDG. If your institute has set up its own profile file on the “GÉANT Association” page, use it.

1.1. If the location service is activated in your telephone and you are currently in Goettingen, the University of Göttingen and GWDG should be displayed on the start page of the app under “Nearby Configs”. Please use this button to download and install the profile via the user group Universität Göttingen und GWDG.

1.2. Alternatively, you can enter “GWDG Goettingen” in the app on the start page via “Manual Search” in order to download and install the profile file via the organisation GWDG Göttingen and further via the user group Universität Göttingen und GWDG.

1.3. Another possibility is to download the profile file from the download page via a direct link here. After downloading via the button, select your institute from the “Organisation” menu. For eduroam users with a GWDG account, the organization is called GWDG Göttingen. Then select the user group Universität Göttingen und GWDG and the desired Android version via the lower button.

2. Now confirm the message with “Weiter”.

3. Now press “DOWNLOAD”.

4. Then select “OPEN”.

5. A summary of the configuration file opens. Now press the “Install” button.

6. Confirm with “Yes” that you want to install the profile.

7. Then enter your username and password. Then continue with “Install”.

8. Finally, the device settings for the installed profile are displayed.

Manual eduroam configuration

Please use the CAT-App , Android can not be configured manually for optimal connection security.

Update the Wi-Fi password after changing the GWDG account password

Note: Update your WiFi password on your Android device after changing password for your account. If you have changed the password or entered an incorrect one, an “authentication problem” will occur. To do this, navigate to “eduroam” as described above. Tap and hold the saved network eduroam to delete or change connection settings. Select “Manage network settings”.

Storage of the Wi-Fi password

Android devices offer the backup of data at Google. This allows extensive personal data, including the WLAN password, to be stored unencrypted on Google servers. This function is activated by default in a Google account that has been set up.

According to the university's password policy, passwords may not be passed on to third parties. Therefore this option must not be activated when using the GWDG identifier for eduroam. You can deactivate this option in the Anroid settings.

###### Attention: Android devices offer “Back up my data” option, which stores extensive personal data, in particular Wi-Fi password unencrypted to Google. Depending on device this option is active by default after you create a Google account on the device. According e.g. the security policies of the university this option may not be used, thus passwords may not be disclosed to third parties. This option is to be deactivated, to do so, navigate from Settings to Personal section and choose “Backup & Reset”, where you can set “Back up my data” to disabled status.

As an alternative backup solution can be e.g. the App Helium may be used (check German article in “GWDG-Nachrichten” Helium Backup für Android ). The App Helium does not require system route and can backup data encrypted.

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