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eduroam with Android

Setting up the eduroam WLAN with the CAT tool

To be able to configure eduroam securely on Android devices, the CAT-App must be used. This App can be installed from the Google PlayStore or downloaded as an APK. If the location service is enabled in your Phone and you are currently in Göttingen, the app should show the option GWDG Goettingen under Nearby Configs

Select this option. Now you will be redirected to the download page seen below:

On this page klick on the large button to download the Profile.

If the option GWDG Goettingen is not shown under Nearby Configs donwload the profile directly from here.

After downloading the profile the app will automatically start the installation procedure. Now follow the instructions in the app. For the correct username see this table.

Manual Configuration

Please use the CAT-App , since Android can not be configured manually for optimal connection security.

- eduroam mit Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)

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