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 +====== Citavi campus license ======
 +===== Citavi campus license for the University of Göttingen =====
 +As of now, the University of Göttingen in connection with the GWDG offers to all students as well as full-time employees as part of a campus license agreement a free Citavi Pro license, including the Team edition. The well-known reference management program of the [[http://​www.citavi.com|Swiss company Citavi]] can be installed on an official PC and on a computer at home. The software may be used as long as the campus license agreement is valid, that is currently until the end of September 2020.
 +For more information and how to obtain the license, please visit the following URL:
 +and the [[https://​www.sub.uni-goettingen.de/​en/​learning-teaching/​academic-work-tools-and-methods/​reference-management/​citavi/​|SUB]],​ that was in charge of procuring the campus license and provides training to use Citavi. When ordering the license, a valid Göttingen University email address must be specified, which must necessarily end with uni-goettingen.de or gwdg.de. Other e-mail addresses will be rejected.