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RRZN Manuals

The Leibniz University IT Services (LUIS, formerly RRZN) issues manuals covering a variety of topics in the field of data processing. Due to their quality and up-to-dateness these manuals encounter a great demand. Thankfully, LUIS also passes on these manuals to other universities' data centres.

The sale of the RRZN manuals was discontinued on 25.07.2018!


The GWDG can therefore offer to its users a selection of titles of RRZN manuals at cost price. According to the delivery conditions at LUIS resulting from contracts with the issuing publishers, the GWDG may only resell the manuals to members (staff and students) of the University of Göttingen for their own use. It is expressly prohibited to pass on manuals be to individuals or institutions that do not belong to this group of users.


GWDG users may purchase the manuals of the RRZN exclusively at GWDG during Mon - Thu from 8:30 - 15:30 o'clock and Fri from 8:30 - 12:00 o'clock) at GWDG's information desk, Am Fassberg 11. As a proof of identity, a valid identity card and either a certificate of matriculation or a service card from Göttingen university are needed. As a rule, only one copy per title can be provided.

You can find a list of all titles available at GWDG here.


Inquiries about availability, price and other questions concerning the manuals are to be addressed exclusively to GWDG (Tel.: 0551 201-1523 or The selection of the titles offered by GWDG depends on the users' demand and the availability at LUIS. For each title, a minimum quantity has to be purchased by GWDG. Therefore only those manuals are offered by GWDG for which a sufficient demand is to be expected. The titles currently available at GWDG items are listed in a table. Please address any request for other titles to Once a sufficiently large demand is foreseeable GWDG will procure the title. For larger orders for courses, lectures, etc., please inform us in sufficient time (at least two months in advance.)


The RRZN manuals are the result of collaboration between the colleges and universities in the German-speaking countries. This can only work in the long run, if all colleges and universities contribute to it through proofreading, contribution of texts, etc. More information about RRZN manuals you can finde here:

Thus, we ask all interested parties for collaboration: professors, faculty, staff, students, so that our university may continue to benefit from this cooperation. If interested, please send an e-mail to or directly to

Newsletter for RRZN manuals users

LUIS has set up a newsletter for the manuals' users. If you want to keep up to date on RRZN manuals, please subscribe to this newsletter. Please make sure to use your university e-mail address (not, or, as the information is - as are the manuals themselves - intended only for members of state universities. You will receive the current newsletter by return.

Additional information

Article “Gesamtauflage RRZN-Handbücher übersteigt die 3-Millionen-Marke“ (“Total circulation of RRZN Manuals Exceeds the 3 million mark”) in the GWDG News 12/2010.

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