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 ==== Preconditions For Use ==== ==== Preconditions For Use ====
-A valid GWDG full account, a current web browser and basic LaTeX knowledge are required to use the Overleaf service. ​+A valid [[en:​services:​general_services:​customer_portal:​account_info|GWDG full account]], a current web browser and basic LaTeX knowledge are required to use the Overleaf service. ​
-==== Collaboration ====+An **upgrade or enabling** of the account is __not necessary and not possible anymore__. Please also consider the advice regarding [[en:​services:​email_collaboration:​sharelatex#​collaboration]] below.
-<WRAP round important 60% > +==== Collaboration ====
-**1st Sep. 2020:** Link sharing currently doesn'​t work. Please have guests register an account as described below. +
-Collaboration with a user without a GWDG account is possible with the [[https://​www.sharelatex.com/​learn/​Kb/​What%20is%20Link%20Sharing%3F|"​Link-Sharing"​]] function.+Collaboration with a user without a [[en:​services:​general_services:​customer_portal:​account_info|GWDG full account]] is possible with the [[https://​www.sharelatex.com/​learn/​Kb/​What%20is%20Link%20Sharing%3F|"​Link-Sharing"​]] function.
-Alternatively,​ the activation of a registered ​account can be requestedThe external ​user must register ​an account at https://​www.gwdg.de/​registration. Afterwards the owner of the GWDG account ​sends an e-mail ​to support@gwdg.de and requests ​the activation for the registered account.+Users without an account ​as described in [[en:​services:​email_collaboration:​sharelatex#​preconditions_for_use|preconditions]] ​can **only** ​be invited to edit a document through the "​Link-Sharing"​ functionSending invitations to the user's email address will **lead to an error** during login using the email link. Users without a [[en:​services:​general_services:​customer_portal:​account_info|GWDG full account]] have to be invited using the "​Link-Sharing"​ function.
 ==== Licensing ==== ==== Licensing ====