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 ====== GitLab ====== ====== GitLab ======
-This content ​is currently only available in [[de:​services:​email_collaboration:gitlab:start|german language]]. +Git is a software for version management of data. It is primarily intended to manage text files such as source code, latex files or scripts. With GitLab (https://gitlab.gwdg.de), the GWDG provides a service to easily manage so-called Git repositories. In addition to version management, GitLab also offers management, bug tracking and wiki functionalities. Furthermore,​ when working with multiple contributers,​ changes can be checked via "merge requests"​. GitLab is very similar to the well-known commercial service [[https://​github.com|github]].
 +Further information on git and capabilities can be found [[https://​www.atlassian.com/​git/​tutorials/​what-is-version-control|here]]. 
 +===== Access =====
 +All employees and students of the University of Göttingen as well as employees of the Max Planck Society are entitled to use the system.
 +Students and employees of the University of Göttingen as well as customers with a GWDG account simply log in as usual with their e-mail address and password. Employees of the Max Planck Society who do not have a GWDG account can register at https://​gwdg.de with their institute'​s e-mail address.
 +In justified individual cases, it is also possible to give external users access to GitLab. Please contact support@gwdg.de for further information.
 +===== Limit of projects =====
 +Users can create up to 50 GitLab projects. If you need a higher number of projects, please contact support@gwdg.de.
 +===== Storage space =====
 +Git repositories are not designed to store large binary formats (images, office files, multimedia files). Please use [[en:​services:​storage_services:​own_cloud:​start|GWDG ownCloud]] for these purposes.
 +The storage space of individual projects is currently not limited. If we notice an improper or abusive use of GWDG GitLab, we will contact you and work out a suitable solution. We reserve the right to temporarily block write access to suspicious projects.