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The GWDG's LimeSurvey service is available to all employees and students of the university of Göttingen, to institutes belonging to the Max Planck Society or other institutions entitled to use GWDG's services.

To use LimeSurvey at GWDG, you need either a user account at GWDG, alternatively an employee's or a student's e-mail address of one of the institutions named above. You can register for a user account at GWDG on our web site. The account is free of charge.

Usually, participation in a survey on our Limesurvey server is open worldwide, but the survey administrator can set up limitations.

A web browser is needed for using the software.

For the registration of a LimeSurvey user account we charge one AE ( Arbeitseinheit; explanation in German) initially. After this, the use of LimeSurvey at GWDG is free of charge. The user accounts are provided for a limited period of one year, on request we can prolong this period. We can also set up account groups and assign individual accounts to them on demand.

Conditions of use

LimeSurvey is installed on servers of the GWDG which are located in GWDG server rooms. The data is stored exclusively on GWDG storage and backup devices.

The account's owner (survey administrator) can export and import their own surveys and collected data and will be responsible for their secure storage afterwards. GWDG will delete survey data from our servers > 6 months after a survey is closed.

In the basic set up of our LimeSurvey system it is not possible to change the templates for surveys or the label sets (predefined answers, e. g. for selection lists). If you want to design your own templates and/or label sets, please contact us.

Data security and privacy regulations

The data transfer between GWDG's LimeSurvey server and the users' web clients (browsers) is encrypted. The access for survey administrators is password-protected. The password may not be given to third parties. Access to the database where the data is stored is limited to GWDG staff.

The responsibility for a survey lies with the survey administrator. The administrator is also responsible for compliance with data privacy laws and regulations for the processing of personal data.

For each survey, an imprint containing the name, address and e-mail address of the organizer is needed. For a survey within an enterprise or institution, a works council or personnel boards possible rights of participation have to be respected. The copyright has to be complied to when using textual, audio or visual materials.

The data collected in a survey must be deleted by the survey's administrator as soon as it is no longer needed. The GWDG will delete all surveys whose end date is older than 6 months. If you need the data for a longer period, you should export them before this. Data from surveys containing personal and/or sensitive information must be securely stored to protect them against illegitimate access. Please be aware that personal data, even those you exported from the GWDG LimeSurvey server, must be deleted as soon as they are not needed any more for evaluation.

How to run a survey

The user name and password for LimeSurvey are sent in an automatically created email. The password can be changed at first use.

Here is a short description of how a survey is run:

  • Start creating a new survey by clicking on the plus sign (+) (at the right side on top).
  • Create a new question group in your survey. For each survey, at least one question group must be created.
  • Add one or more questions to the group.
  • Test your survey by clicking on the cogwheel symbol in the survey menu bar. The survey may be tested at any moment. A test run before starting the survey is recommended.
  • Activate the survey and invite the participants.
  • Watch the results or send a reminder to the participants.
  • Finish the survey (manually or automatically by setting an end date).
  • Evaluate the survey's results.
  • If needed, export the survey and/or its results.
  • Delete surveys and results that are no longer required.

Help and Support

In case of any questions around LimeSurvey you may consult the comprehensive manual.

The LimeSurvey forums offer solutions for a variety of issues.

See the links below to find more online instructions and tutorials. You may, of course, also contact GWDG to get help on any questions or issues around LimeSurvey.

For a quick test of LimeSurvey the demo may be used.

Contact and further information

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