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 [[Kategorie:​ Scientific Computing]] [[Kategorie:​ Scientific Computing]]
 +===== ownCloud =====
 +You can directly transfer data from and to the GWDG ownCloud by the WebDAV client ''​cadaver''​. This program provides a command line interface to the ownCloud similar to command line FTP applications. Connect to the server with:
 +$ cadaver https://​owncloud.gwdg.de/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav
 +Authentication required for ownCloud on server `owncloud.gwdg.de':​
 +Username: your-user-name
 +Password: ​
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/> ​
 +You can use the usual commands such as ''​cd'',​ ''​ls'',​ ''​cp'',​ etc. to navigate and copy/move files within you ownCloud. Uploading and downloading files can be done with ''​put''​ and ''​get''​ respectively (or ''​mput''​ and ''​mget''​ to transfer multiple files at once).
 +To change your directory on the cluster itself and list files, use ''​lcd''​ and ''​lls''​ (think of it as local-cd and local-ls). After you are done, you can quit with ''​quit'',​ ''​exit''​ or with ''​CTRL-D''​. Here are a few examples:
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/>​ ls
 +[... contents of ownCloud ...]
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/>​ lls
 +exampledir ​ file1
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/>​ lpwd
 +Local directory: /​scratch/​mboden/​dav-example
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/>​ mkdir example
 +Creating `example':​ succeeded.
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/>​ cd example
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ ls
 +Listing collection `/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/':​ collection is empty.
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ put file1
 +Uploading file1 to `/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/​file1':​ succeeded.
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ put exampledir
 +Uploading exampledir to `/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/​exampledir':​
 +Progress: [                              ]   0.0% of 1 bytes failed:
 +Failed reading request body file: Is a directory
 +Copying whole directories is not possible. You should create a tar or zip archive first and copy that.
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/>​ cd example ​
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ lls -la
 +total 1
 +drwx------ 2 mboden GWDG 0 Dec  9 10:17 .
 +drwxr-xr-x 5 mboden GWDG 4 Dec  9 10:17 ..
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ ls
 +Listing collection `/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/':​ succeeded.
 +        file1                                  0  Dec  9 10:10
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ get file1
 +Downloading `/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/​file1'​ to file1: [.] succeeded.
 +dav:/​remote.php/​nonshib-webdav/​example/>​ lls -la
 +total 1
 +drwx------ 2 mboden GWDG 0 Dec  9 10:19 .
 +drwxr-xr-x 5 mboden GWDG 4 Dec  9 10:17 ..
 +-rw------- 1 mboden GWDG 0 Dec  9 10:19 file1