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 **-C scratch[2]**\\ **-C scratch[2]**\\
 The node must have access to shared ''/​scratch''​ or ''/​scratch2''​. The node must have access to shared ''/​scratch''​ or ''/​scratch2''​.
 +**-C fmz / -C fas**\\
 +The node has to be at that location. It is pretty similar to -C scratch / -C scratch2, since the nodes in the FMZ have access to scratch and those at the Fassberg location have access to  scratch2. This is mainly for easy compatibility with our old partition naming scheme.
 +**-C [architecture]**\\
 +request a specific CPU architecture. Available Options are: abu-dhabi, ivy-bridge, haswell, broadwell. See [[en:​services:​application_services:​high_performance_computing:​start#​hardware_overview|this table]] for the corresponding nodes.