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 +===== Proteomic Analysis =====
 +**MASCOT** (a software for mass-spectrometric based proteome research)\\
 +To use of our MASCOT server a GWDG account and special registration is required. Workgroup-specific resources (special databases, calculation results, etc.) are strictly separated and cannot be influenced by members of other workgroups.
 +This offer is particularly interesting for smaller workgroups that cannot maintain their own MASCOT servers or that cannot or do not want to work with the very limited possibilities of the freely accessible MASCOT server offered by MATRIX Science.
 +If you are interest in using our MASCOT server please contact us via [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=Bioinformatics - MASCOT service|support@gwdg.de]].\\
 +**Delta2D** (a software for 2D evaluation of gel-electrophoresis)\\
 +We operate a license server for a number of workgroups in Göttingen, but the license pool is not exhausted. If you are interested in using Delta2D licenses, please send us your requests by e-mail to [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=Bioinformatics - Delta2D|support@gwdg.de]].