COVID-19 News

(Updated 05.04.2020)

We now offer a new local service for remote teaching scenarios for testing: BigBlueButton. It also works for videoconferencing.

The current COVID-19 crisis affects science and teaching to a large extent. Many employees and students have to work from home. The usual procedures can only be followed to a limited extent.

The GWDG works hard to provide you with a stable IT supply even in this situation. In the following we will keep you informed about the current status and developments:

  • The GWDG now also carries out most of its work from home and operates only with every limited staff on-site.
  • The usual opening hours are suspended until further notice. Access to our premises is no longer possible.
  • For questions and problems you can still reach us through our support web site, by E-Mail or by phone +49 551 201-1523. Support requests will be processed normally.
  • Receipt of mail and delivery of goods are still guaranteed.
  • We understandably see an increased demand for VPN access. For this purpose, our capacities of the central service have been increased. In parallel, additional services were put into operation with and in order to be able to offer higher capacities. Further information is available here.
  • Due to home office and mobile working there is a drastic increase in demand for videoconferencing tools. Our standard offer DFNconf is currently partly overloaded and only usable with limitations. We have therefore acquired licenses for commercial cloud services such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Zoom and can provide them to you. At the same time, we have an alternative service, Jitsi, which is currently being tested locally and which we would like to make available as an alternative in the next few days. You can find further information here.
  • Of course, we continue to provide cloud solutions for data exchange with GWDG ownCloud and the Academic Cloud, so that you can also access data offline. This reduces the need for VPN connections and makes you more independent.
  • With Rocket.Chat, CodiMD and other services we support collaborative work. Further information is available here.
  • You can find further information about mobile work on this page.
  • We are currently experiencing problems with the availability of laptops, PCs, servers, and other hardware due to the difficult supply situation from China. Please consider this for your own purchase planning.

We are aware that these are particularly challenging times. For many of our users new challenges and problems arise. We will continue to help you in the beste possible manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, or by phone. We will do our best to continue to help you.

Please understand that there are many issues that need to be addressed. Therefore we may not be able to answer at short notice as usual.

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