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-====== Who can use the service? How do I log in? ====== 
-In general everybody can register an account with any Email address. However, only certain user groups do get a storage quota assigned for their accounts and thus can create new folders to upload their files to. 
-All students, researchers and employees of the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society get a storage quota assigned to their accounts upon registration. The quota is currently 50GB and 10GB for students. For an extension of your quota contact [[en:​services:​storage_services:​gwdg_cloud_share:​support|support]]. 
-User accounts that are part of a user directory connected to the Identity Management of the GWDG can use their Email address and password to sign in to the service without prior registration. This is the case for all GWDG user accounts, all student, researcher and employee accounts of the University of Göttingen and many but not all Max Planck Society accounts. 
-Registration of a user account for this service is through the [[https://​cloudshare.gwdg.de|homepage of the service]]. If the Email address used for registration is eligible for a storage quota it will be assigned briefly after first login. 
-===== Bookable service ===== 
-Interested in GWDG Cloud Share as a hosted service but not a member of the University of Göttingen or Max Planck Society? You can book our service for yourself and your users. Read more about [[en:​services:​storage_services:​gwdg_cloud_share:​hosting|our offer to you]]!